Nada Brahma handpan microphone
Written by Edoardo Ponticelli
The adventure started one day in April 2016 in Genova.
I was talking to a close friend, Riccardo Megiovanni, musician and sound engineer, we shared the love  for handpans.
We were concerning about the costs one had to deal with for some at least adequate equipment, in order to have a good sound amplification of these instruments.
So we decided, almost joking, to try to make a microphone for handspans.
Ricky had some experience and intuition and he started studying and making some experiments.
Nadabrahma is a sanskrit word and it refers to the concept of the original sound of the Universe, the creator sound, which perfectly aligned with our ideas. It was suggested by a dear friend, Hernand Suarez. During a conversation we had  in India making Chapati, we talked about the name I wanted to give to this project and after many suggestions he got the point.
While I was in India  the team acquired a  new member: Michele Guelfi, hi fi engineer.
For months we worked on this project in Ricky’s house. We didn’t have the resources to rent a place and the necessary equipment for woodworking, metalworking and so on. We literally worked in wood powder surrounded by magnets!
The first official test was in April, 2017, when two friends, both handpan makers, gave our system a try. The results were promising.
Few months later we went to the Handpan Festival, in France. It was our public debut and it was a crazy success,the people support gave us the opportunity to work better and believe in this project even more.
During the summer of 2017, festivals season, we met and talked to all the people that tried the Nadabrahma systems and collect reviews, feedbacks, advice and this gave us the tools to go back to our products and make them better.
In a short time we had to deal with the increasing request, which was a surprise and we had to learn how to manage customers and bureaucracy.
We were developing new ideas, while we were conducting our lives, already full of responsibilities.
In 2018, with a lot of enthusiasm, Lorenzo Circhirillo, handpan maker and graphic designer, joined the band.
We realized that cooperation is the key to make it possible.
This is our philosophy: we want to give our customers an easy-to-use, high quality product, always connected to our users, in order to constantly develop  new ideas and improvements.
We warmly thank all the people that, trusting in us and buying our products, gave us the chance to start something new, that will get better and bigger, starting with this new website, which is our prize to all the hard work we have done till this moment.
Stay tuned, new stuff on the way!

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