General Questions

How can I buy products?

To purchase a product from us you can go under the BUY section and choose between the Shop page, where occasionally we sell our available products, or the Waiting List section, to order a product.

Nada Brahma Systems

What does NB1\NB1.2\NB2\NB2.2 means?

It’s the name of the preamplifier models we produce:

  • NB1
  • NB1.2
  • NB2
  • NB2.2

How do i replace the battery?

The battery is a standard 9v Alkaline: to replace it open the top side of the preamp, removing the four screws from the two sides of the box, then disconnect the battery from the two poles and replace it with the new one.

Are the microphones pick-up?

No, the preamp works with omnidirectional or cardioid microphonic capsules built in a magnetic support, that easily locks to the handpan rim.

Where can i plug/connect the NB system?

You can plug it to audio interfaces, mixers, portable recorder or speakers using XLR cables.

Why the preamp has different outputs?

The preamp has different outputs on it:

  • 1 or more pair of XLR; each pair is a Left/Right STEREO out
  • 1 Jack Dual MONO out (not suitable for headphones) you can use for loopers/effects/direct output to speaker or recorder

Why do I have to use two microphones for one handpan?

Our System is designed to capture the best sound of your handpan: the two microphones setting is needed to produce a stereo effect (L/R channels) and a high sound quality.

Nada Brahma Handpan

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